All Other Shape and Space

Draw These

A selection of essential shapes, figures and loci that all GCSE students must be able to draw using ruler, compasses and where necessary protractor.

Inscribed Regular Polygons (aka Mystic Rose)

A Short set of simple division then practise of using protractor, compass and ruler. A simple yet enjoyable and engaging lesson for lower yeargroups or abilities.

Seasons On Saturn

KS4 higher, application of standard (right-angle) trigonometry and transformations of curves. 

This task involves students making and using measurements from Hubble Space Telescope images to determine Saturn’s orbital period and then transform the sin curve using the excel file to establish when it will next appear ‘edge-on’.  Lots of geometrical reasoning, problem solving and ICT.

Saturn Images Edge-on Last
Seasons on Saturn worksheet Hubbles Views Diagram
Saturns Rings spreadsheet Hubbles Views Movie (1.2Mb)
Saturn Trigonometry Animated Saturn
All Essentials ZIP Sin Curve
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  All Extras ZIP

Bridge Building

Pupils work with classroom materials to build a bridge spanning a gap of 20cm to support as much weight as possible.

Area & Volume Factor

Ppt leading through principals of Area& Volume factor. PDF here.

Logo Worksheet

From basic starting commands through using the repeat function to programming in LOGO, this is worksheets guides pupils through using LOGO. Some of the functions discovered by our Year 8 pupils.


Loci lesson starter. As pupils come in get them to add a mark that obeys the instruction onto each of the 6 worksheets then follow up with a classroom discussion to explain what loci is.


Similar to the tools on a Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard but includes a compass too.

Cabri file: Loci

Lots of loci examples on one file using Cabri. Challenge pupils to recreate them. Another file with all construction lines and points hidden.

Autograph File: Double Helix

A dynamic mathematical model of the double helix. Move the point of view around to view from different aspects.

Reflect, Rotate, Translate (or Flip, Turn, Slide!)

Nice activity for younger pupils to create patterns from flipping, turning or sliding coloured tiles.


Various worksheets on cm squared paper for pupils to draw on the enlargements, with and without centre of enlargement, and some reflections, translations etc. Answers are provided (try reprinting on tracing paper to check against pupils work).

Transformations Notes

Notes on how to describe fully each of the four transformations. Further notes.


From an idea from the MTN Science Centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

Pupils create 9 sections that they then peice together in the correct order to make a die (or dice!). More lesson notes. Download large squared paper for pupils to make thier own nets. Download the whole pack as a single zip file. Solution, plus another solution that my Year 6's found.

Vector Notes

Notes on vectors. Three pages, all you need, one lesson. Its all here. PDF here. The Autograph files (1) (2) that were used to make it 'dynamic'.


A nice shape & space activity for pupils to explore pentominoes. This was created and previously hosted on the CIMT website but is no longer there.


More nice shape & space activities, this time involving tangrams from the CIMT website. Powerpoint of 2 squares from which pupils can draw and then cut out their own tangrams.

Max Box

What's the biggest area you can contain with x cm of string? Whats the biggest volume you can contain with an A4 sheet of paper? Not as easuy as it seems!

Our answers and Autograph file used.