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Dan Meyer - Maths Class Needs a Makeover

An old but great video by Dan Meyer, Maths Educationalist at Stamford University. This has pretty much guided my teaching for the last few years. Inspirational, well worth watching.

Yr12 Intro Problem Solving Questions

All of the introductory, problem solving questions as used in the foundation weeks at our school. A collection of questions from the AQA problem solving document and other sources, these are ideal Yr11 extension, Yr12 bridging materials. PDF Here.

ABC of Mathematical Literacy

A hypothesis posed by a Yr13 student; "I bet we've already used every letter in the alphabet to represent something mathematically". True or false?! This document could be the answer. Also contains page of mathematical symbols, how many do you know?!PDF here.


Maths Tricks

A set of some of the most popular maths tricks for printing off as A5 size playing cards. Each trick could provoke a lesson in itself (or PDF here). Notes answers and links (or PDF here). A copy of maths tricks for the whiteboard (or PDF here).

Great Questions in Maths, PDF Here.

The Summer Fayre

An activity linked to the Six Sixes activity above, this time there's a choice of games to play at the School Summer Fayre and PDF here. Which one are you more likely to win? What is the probability that the school doesn't lose out?

Alternate version of the activity, Set of accompanying notes, question prompts and graph.

Number Lines

Printable sheet of various number lines for students to use, count on, cut out, stick in... whatever you choose!

Here's an Excel file of numberlines for general use, with several different starting values and increment options.

University Interview Mathematics Questions

A selection of typical mathematics interview questions that you could be asked by universities. Thanks to The Norwich School. Nrich article on preparing for Maths uni interviews. University of Cambridge interview article.

Great Mathematics Reading Books

A copy of the poster that we display in Maths classrooms to encourage reading. Includes a list of books and QR codes for students to scan for direct links to Amazon sales. Maths reading books for sixthformers. University of Cambridge undergraduate maths reading list.

Top Mathematicians

Two sets of names, pictures, dates, 'most famous for', 'something else' and 'about the person' cards for students to match up using laptops etc to support. Designed to instigate knowledge and awareness of some of the most famous mathematicians as well as learning methods for finding info online. My Year 12 groups really enjoyed it! PDF here

40th Birthday Balloons

A father and a son had birthdays on consecutive days so the family bought big number-digit balloons. The boy was 4 and the father was 40 so they reused one of the balloons. When will they next be able to reuse their birthday balloons? Includes answers in this Excel file here. PDF here.

Maths of Dance Music Resources

Image resources to spark ideas for a great lesson. As a single zip file above or separate images below:


Use with the following YouTube videos of The Chemical Brothers 'Star Guitar' for great effect:

The Video
The Making Of

Personal Finance Elective

Personal Finance broken down for sixth form students into seven topics with all resources below. These were written and up to date in 2024. If using later, be sure to update all relevant tax bands etc. Includes answers where appropriate.
Delivery Map here, PDF here.

Finance Terms

Lots of finance terms together with info and definitions of what these are. The task is to match up the terms with their definitions. Four sections grouped by The Basics, Using Money, Saving Money and Borrowing Money. We have deliberately included some straightforward information as well as some of the more complicated technicalities. The task of matching up is fairly easy but the real goal is for students to learn lots about these financial words, products and services. Answers included. PDF here.

Teachers Notes for all finance activities

Teachers notes and loose lesson plans for all of the finance activities here. PDF here.


Cut out and match up the careers to the salaries. Includes a template for students to arrange the cards onto and many more links to info on other careers, average salary, MP's salaries... Includes answers.

Credit Cards, Mortgages, Income Tax

MS Excel file for showing how expensive mortgages and credit cards can be. Useful as a good starter for explaining how compound interest accumulates and the difference that high/low payments can make. Also shows how income tax is calculated. Income tax bands last updated for 2014/15.

Personal Finance Products

Table of suggestions for pupils to begin considering aspects of personal finance products such as pensions, loans, savings and insurance. Includes answers. PDF here.

Cost of Living

Worksheet to assist pupils in suggesting sensible estimates for the cost of living. Includes scenarios for four different lifestyle situations together with estimates for costs of living and suggestions for how to minimise expenses. PDF here.

Know Your Finance Products

Know your credit card from a debit card? Capital gains vs council tax? Breakdown cover vs boiler cover?
Use this document as prompts for discussion or think harder and try to answer what each finance product is, what benefits it offers and who would want it. Sorry, no answers here yet.PDF here.

Calculating Income Tax and National Insurance

Explanation and activity on how to calculate annual income tax together with National Insurance. Also includes how pension payments affect income tax and National Insurance. Plus... how income tax is calculated on a monthly (or period) basis. It's really quite clever. PDF here. Excel file of the monthly income tax payments here.
Inflation Historical is here.

Know Your Payslip

Worksheet to prompt students for terms to understanding on a standard payslip. Includes answers. PDF here.

Know Your Cards

Images of four different types of financial cards - credit, debit, storecard and reward card. Use as a starting point to ensure pupils know the differences between them. Includes answers. PDF here.

Know Your Bank Statement

Worksheet to prompt students for terms to understanding on a standard bank statement. Includes answers. PDF here.

What is Income Tax, National Insurance and PAYE?

An explanation of how the UK income tax system works. Includes examples, an explanation of National Insurance and how employers use the PAYE system. You'll finally understand why your paycheck is so confusing for a couple of months after you do overtime. PDF here.

How to Calculate your Income Tax

Two flowcharts for how to calculate your income tax. The one in blue is more straightforward and the one in green is for the purists. You may find that this image (pptx or pdf) helps here too. Note that this uses 201/19 limits.PDF here.

Loop Cards

Blank 'Loop Cards' for pupils or teacher to create loops of your choice!

Mathematical Notation

Crib sheet for the various mathematical notation.

Autograph File: Standard -8 to +8 Equal Aspect Mode Coordinate Grid

Save setting up the page each time you open by loading this file


Similar to the tools on a Smartboard Interactive Whiteboard but includes a compass too. Run using Internet Explorer then allow the file to run.

Quiz Files

These are the files for making your own quiz. Download, unzip and edit with dreamweaver. Don't use MS Word as it makes errors for some reason! You'll also need to edit the javascript file too.

Blank Pyramid Templates

Good size blank pyramids for students to use when practising algebra, negative numbers etc. Print, cut out, stick in exercise books. The aim is to make it look a lot nicer than the tiny, scrawled efforts that pupils sometimes produce! Includes different size pyramids as shown.

Matching Pairs

This is created as an example of how an interactive whiteboard can be used interactively with pupils. This one's unfinished but provides a good template to create your own 'matching pairs' activities.

Find the pairs of numbers and roman numerals!