Further Mechanics

Mechanics Essential Notes (Part 2)

Notes on lots of the further maths mechanics topics. See the other mechanics page for notes on single A level mmaths mechanics topics. PDF here.

Notes on Moments

A Level Mechanics course notes on 'Moments' (written for the 2017 New Spec). PDF here.

Dimensional Analysis

Find the dimensions of these quantities, includes answers. PDF here.

Centre of Mass of a Glass of Water

Which has the lower centre of mass out of an empty vs half-full vs full glass of water? How about the same question with a beaker instead? Or with a can, with a lid? PDF here.

Centre of Mass Practice

Lots of practise in finding centre of mass. Can you find the centre of mass of each of these laminas? Includes answers.PDF here.

Circular Motion Intro

A good introductory task to considering circular motion. Students estimate radii, velocities and forces of everyday examples of circular motion. PDF here.

Masses and Springs Lab

A great external website demonstration of the conversions between GPE, KE and EPE and remaining constant as a whole.

Vertical Circles

A one page set of notes on circular motion and the energy forces involved in vertical circles. PDF here.