Six Sixes

ICT based probability exercise/lesson to demonstrate concept of rolling six sixes using six dice. Heres an example MS Excel sheet (what the pupils will produce).

An example insurance quotation - will make sense upon reading activity! All documents in one zipped file.

Extension activity suitable for A Level students: the summer fayre. See...

Maths Tricks No.23
Summer Fayre Probability card on its own. PDF here.
Probing questions. PDF here.
Set of accompanying notes. PDF here.
James Grime Explains
Derren Brown

The Summer Fayre

An activity linked to the Six Sixes activity above, this time there's a choice of games to play at the School Summer Fayre. PDF here. Which one are you more likely to win? What is the probability that the school doesn't lose out?

Alternate version of the activity, Set of accompanying notes (PDF), question prompts (PDF) and graph.

Simple Probability Questions

Simple Probability Questions based on a pack of cards, dice and spinners. Includes answers. PDF here.

Sample Space Diagram

Sample Space Diagram detailing rolling 2 fair, six sided dice.

Dual Probability / Combined Probability / Two Event Probability

A revised version of an older worksheet. Pupils construct the dual probability tables and then use these to answer the questions. Answers included. PDF here.

The Monty Hall Problem A YouTube explaining the Monty Hall problem.

Card Shuffler

Excel program to shuffle cards. Choose to display all, one or five cards at a time. Can also be used to shuffle names of students - for answering questions for example - or animals or anything you wish to shuffle.

Simulated Poker Ace

Again following from previous file. This time we simulate shuffling and playing lots of hands of poker. The flop, turn, river and opponents cards can all be hidden/revealed as required for realistic gambling decisions!

(I'm not quite content with this yet so check back for changes.)

Pack of Cards

To download images of a pack of cards as a click single zip file.