All Other Statistics

Interpreting Charts

Re-print of an old but rich NNS task; pupils interpret the charts to answer the questions with reasons. Good for assessing quality of written communication and reasoning skills.


Nice Powerpoint intro for histograms


Notes on the three techiniques of sampling, GCSE level.

Pie Charts

Data for pupils to create pie charts. Another set of drawing pie chart questions including a couple of extension questions. Template for drawing pie charts (set number of sectors to 1).

Pack of Cards

To download images of a pack of cards as a single zip file.

Estimate the Measurements

Some ideas for items to make pupils estimate.


How many ways to choose 0, 1, 2 or 3 from 3 cards. Or 0-4 from 4 cards, or even 5! (An introduction to Pascals).

Graph Labels

A one-slide PowerPoint presentation of a bar chart with labels & title covered. Get pupils to work out what the chart could be about as well as emphasizing the need for labels & titles!