Averages Live

Makes inventing Mean, Median, Mode questions easy. This Excel file helps to create sets of numbers for mean, median, mode questions. Includes 5 sheets for creating whole number solution frequency tables. Word document of averges from frequency table questions.

Averages - Finding the M,M,M & R

MS Word doc of 13 questions beginning with small basic sets of numbers and ending with sets of numbers to demonstrate why each of the averages can be a bad indicator. Can all be done without a calculator. Includes answers.

Mean, Median, Mode Range

Five questions as a MS Word doc where the pupils are given selections of mean, median, mode, range and work 'backwards' to find the missing peices of data. Includes answers.


5 simple sets, find the 5 values plus range & IQR.

Gender Pay Gap Averages

An idea inspired by reporting on the gender pay gap; given two groups (such as males and females) which are then split into three subgroups (such as workers on floor 1, floor 2, floor 3), is it possible for the average of all subgroups to be higher for one gender but the overall average to be higher for the other gender? Instinctively you'd think no, but it is actually possible. Can you create some examples to prove this? PDF here.


Six sets of raw data, averages of the data, frequency tables and bar graphs. Pupils cut and then match the items up to create the six sets.