Ratio Practice

'Divide in the ratio...' and 'Some money has been divided...' questions. Ttwo sets of static questions and two sets of dynamic questions - to produce endless sets of different questions. All sensible numbers to enable straightforward progress in ratio. Answers included.

Real Life Ratios

A set of four longer questions to really put students through their paces when working with ratio. An investigation of photo sizes, a recipe restricted by amounts of ingredients, ratio of ages and paint mixing. Designed as requested by my students to be "like the questions we get in exams"!

Special Ratios

An real-life investigation based activity to encourage students to 'discover' the golden ration, pi and root 2, in relation to their common everyday occurences. Golden ratio, golden ratio in hair, golden ratio in mona lisa, golden ratio in parthenon, golden ratio in flower.

Mathematics of a Total Solar Eclipse

A good 'similar triangles' activity to explain the shadow of a total solar eclipse. Harder examples of the main activity.

Lesson plan
Bulletpoints for lesson
More structured task for less experienced pupils
Supporting presentation
SOHO image of Sun
Eclipse map
GCSE Question. PDF here.
SOHO website

Big Lebowski Ratio

Nevermind the film, in which aspect ratio to watch it? This is a screen shot of a DVD menu with viewing options. Are the ratios the same, does it matter?! A nice real life example of using ratio.


Simple ratio questions, with answers too

Ratio 2

More simple ratio questions, still with answers too.

Ratio Questions

Three differentiated worksheets, from the national numeracy strategy, of easier, medium and more difficult ratio questions. I print each sheet on green, yellow, red paper and ask pupils to pick their own level.