Playing With Indices

A couple of nice indices questions; what's going on here? Can you make another question like this?! PDF here.

Rationalise The Denominator

Intelligent variation examples ('my turn') and questions ('your turn') on rationalising the denominator. Includes answers. PDF here.

Hubble Standard Form

GCSE, set of standard form exercises. A selection of 11 real life questions based on observations from the Hubble Space Telescope involving standard form. By no means easy this uses GCSE maths to find out real facts about the solar system and universe, just like astronomers do. Answers included. PDF here.

Powers of Two

Questions on the powers of two. Answers included. List of powers of two.

Indices Rule

How the rules of indices work. Follow them and you can't go wrong! PDF here.

2-5 Indices of 1-10

Pupils fill in the 2-5 index powers of the numbers 1-10.

Numbers Involving Indices Practice

Straightforward worksheet that builds indices concepts from simple beginnings as it goes. From 32 through to standard form. Includes answers.


Evaluate the indices (includes answers) and simplify the indices. PDF here. More indices questions.

Powers of 10 (2nd half)

Animated gif demonstrating why standard form is useful. Goes from 10 to the power 23, 10million light years away from the Milky Way, through to 10 to the power -16, examining quarks!

Powers of 10

A good flash animation version of the animated gif (above). Only positive powers however.

Powers of 10

Arrange the 14 images in order of size, biggest to smallest (grab them, move them around). When you're done check your answer on the second slide. There's also links to the website from which the activity came and the original 1970's video on YouTube.