A number machine, algebra, graph, sentence, sequence and input/output table for students to investigate... and hopefully come to the conclusion that all represent the same relationship in different ways. Suggestions for ways to investigate are on slide 4. To extend this rich open task students could create their own set of cards. Lesson plan. A more structured version for less able students.

A subsequent activity is for students to complete the number machine, table, sentence and graph from the algebra. Prompt cards for this activity with lesson plan.

Squares On A Chessboard

Excel file for use with answering the 'How many squares on a chessboard?' question.

Sequences Intro

Simple sequences for pupils to continue for 3 more terms and say what the rule is (term to term). Intended as a first activity of a sequences topic. Answers included. A copy of some other sequences from my whiteboard is (full res version).

Sequences Worksheet

Fairly simple number and letter sequences for pupils to fill in the missing terms. Answers included.

Sequences Linear

10 linear sequences for pupils to practise finding the position to term rule. Here's another set of sequences, this time including some quadratic sequences as extension.

Sequence Solver

MS Excel program that utilizes the 'difference method' to find rules for the nth term of sequences. Can also be used to generate sequences & is easy to use 'on the fly' in class!

Number Chains

Add the previous to terms to get the next one. Complete the sequences, not as easy as it seems!


T-Totals Algebra Coursework Worksheet & Printable Grids

MS Excel workbook to provide layout of grids (without workings!) and various size printable grids for assisting with the popular 'T-totals' algebra coursework assignment. Gives row sizes from 2-12, with differing multiples and differing starting numbers.

T-Totals Algebra Coursework Interactive Worksheet

An interactive version of the grids above, with workings too. Good for introducing the project. (Click the tabs at the bottom of the sheet for options). Pupils - if your teacher allows you to, this is the file you want, the one that saves all the number crunching!