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Maths Beyond the Curriculum

A, fairly extensive, list of things that sixth form maths students can do to enrich their maths experiences. Pdf version. Any more suggestions, please contact us.

Great Mathematics Reading Books

A copy of the poster that we display in Maths classrooms to encourage reading. Includes a list of books and QR codes for students to scan for direct links to Amazon sales. Pdf version. Here's the University of Cambridge undergraduate maths reading list.

Easy UCAS Subject Report Writer 2020

Enter your comments once and then pick and choose them for each student. After writing intial comments, this enables quick and easy writing of many reports. Please change comments from examples here. Older version here.

Top Universities for Maths

List of the top 20 UK universities for Mathematics this year.

UCAS Personal Statement Tips

This is what UCAS says to do with personal statements. Just follow it to the word and you can't go wrong?!

University Interview Mathematics Questions

A selection of typical mathematics interview questions that you could be asked by universities. Thanks to The Norwich School. PDF version here.

Nrich article on preparing for Maths uni interviews. University of Cambridge interview article.

Informal Tips for University

Useful stuff that most university prep won't cover!

The UCAS website

Website link to what UCAS says to do with personal statements. To download as a Word doc see above.

BBC News article from April 2016 on popular personal statement opening sentences. "Keep it personal."

Google search on 'writing a personal statement'. (UK search only). Many of the links below come from this.

What the University of Leicester says to do.

Nrich article on preparing for Oxbridge interviews (from 2013)

A video from Emmanuel College, Cambridge of a typical Oxbridge maths interview. Remember that this is just one interview of two or three in the day.

Studential tips on personal statements. Mainpage.
Advice from University Options. Mainpage.
Information on Medical or Law university applications.