Space Weblinks

Some of the Best Space Websites

CSA's Youtube page listing astronaut Chris Hadfield's many interesing videos.
Stream of NASA TV
Video direct from the space station.
Find out when it'll next fly over your house or school. Another one at spotthestation.nasa.gov.
Space website, good for finding when the ISS will pass over. Needs a login ID though.
Near realtime info on the Sun from the Solar & Heliospheric Observatory
Very up to date website with NASA info and info on astronaut sitings too

NASA and other National Space Agency Websites

NASA Presskits, lots and lots of info on all things NASA!
NASA Humans In Space mainpage. Links to Shuttle section, ISS section and Constellation section (Constellation is the 'going back to the Moon' program name).
Main Kennedy Space Centre page, for shuttle info, launches, landings etc
Information & pictures of what each of the patches represent
NASA's set of Soloar System lithographs, check out page 2 each time as they contain loads of useful information and educational resource suggestions.
NASA's Planetary Data System page for information on the planets (fairly basic)
European HST website, lots of great resources

Space Mission Webpages

The James Webb Space Telescope is to be Hubble's replacement after 2013. Take a look at its progress here.
Information explaining the gold disc aboard the Voyager probes containing a message to aliens.
NASA's STEREO Mission mainpage.
Mainpage for NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers. Here are Image resources and videos.

Other Space Related Websites

Book a flight?!
Professor Stephen Hawking's website is very interesting, especially the glossary and the section written by him on his disability.

Space Education Websites

Sun|Trek website, lots of classroom resources based on the Sun and the SOHO mission.
The Faulkes telescope website, now schools can signup for FREE sessions to use the telescopes.
The best, and free, Stellarium planetarium software for windows

Here's the mainpage for NASA Education.

NASA Space Maths problems. Loads of great activities here.

Here's the mainpage for NASA Space Place, another NASA education site.

Comprehensive guide to mechanics behind spaceflight by NASA JPL. Includes questions, images and lots more besides.

Some nice engineering projects to try with students.

Excellent Moon Hoax Debunking site
Another great Moon Hoax Debunking site. Bad Astronomy mainpage.

All Others

This museum, in Titusville, Florida has the largest & most concise collection of space memorabilia from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo & STS era's that I've ever seen. Very well worth a visit whilst you're on the Space Coast.
Nice general space-info education website

Wikipedia pages with fastfacts on:

Space Shuttle info. This is the parent page with lots more links .

Link to loads of short space videos to download.