Maths Weblinks

For Teachers

The Cambridge University Cambridge Maths Education Project has now gone live as Underground Mathematics with loads of problem solving maths questions to stretch the most able A level maths students.

NRich mathematics, good for games and puzzles.

Lots of interesting and good resources here, well worth a look

Maths Inspiration put on maths lectures in the style of the Royal Institution Lectures for able Yr11 & Yr12 students. Check to see if there's one in your area and arrange to take a group of students for a motivating day out!

TSM website. This site is run by the authors of the Autograph mathematical graphing package. They run extremely popular annual courses at Oundle School (near Peterborough, UK) and are also incredibly ICT literate.

Many comprehensive sets Education resources to purchase.

Lots of mathematical paper in pdf form

The website of Simon Singh and his codebook. Follow the 'teacher' tab to download the full (600Mb!) CD-Rom version of the codebook.

Great resources for mathematics teachers

A collection of, mainly, Excel files for use across the KS3 & 4 curriculum. Some of these are really quite clever.

Another good Mathematics resources site

Realtime guide to shipping positions around the UK. Great for bearings!

A YouTube explaining the Monty Hall problem.

For Everyone

Lots of interesting and quirky maths videos, suitable for all

Some nice background info and articles on MC Escher

In depth explanations of optical illusions

Lots of optical illusions. See the 3D stereogram gallery and the 3D stereogram creator.

Contains adverts but illusions on 'Page 1' are great

Lots of maths resources and trivia here. Try this site before looking elsewhere?

Great page showing just how big a trillion is

Bank of England website, lots of information on interest rates and history of money in the UK. Interest rates page and educational material on banknotes.

A very good page of 'Greatest Mathematicians of All Time'.

Nrich page famous mathematicians

Correlation vs Causation. Some interesting examples of well correlated by otherwise unconnected data.

Many decent quality images of famous mathematicians

For A Level and more able GCSE students

This is an excellent MEI source of problem solving materials for GCSE and Yr12 A level students. Integral login required. Or start at the AMSP page here.

A reasonable maths website with elements of paid for content but this link takes you in to some good questions for likely GCSE grade 9 students.

Maths YouTube channel with topics including integrals, series, derivatives, factoring trinomials, algebraic equations, trig identities and more.

Another good Maths YouTube channel. Website at https://mindyourdecisions.com/blog/.

This was formerly the STEP Correspondence Course. Great STEP prep materials. This is the place to begin your preparations; materials from the examiners.

+ Plus Magazine is an online magazine style website aiming to introduce readers to the beauty and practical applications of Mathematics. Many, many interesting articles.

A great website with a great blog of lots of interesting items based on various areas of mathematics (not just data!). Well worth a read.

Meikleriggs is THE website for STEP prep. This website has a long standing reputation as first place to go for all your STEP needs.

Lots of interesting Aeronautics, Science and Engineering articles.

As its says, lots of interesting engineering articles. Follow them on Facebook for daily updates too.

Sign up for daily interesting maths questions and work your way up the levels. Great for maths enrichment

Daily interesting maths questions. No website here but a daily Twitter feed @mathisstillfun and YouTube channel for video explanations.

More daily interesting maths questions. No signup this time, just enjoy. Includes answers and explanations too. On Twitter @dare2solve.

Lots of good maths questions here. Includes answers and explanations too.

A maths magazine website for the mathematically curious

Another great website from Johnny Griffiths (@therispguy or website here)- each puzzle contains the digits 1-6 but they've been covered up. Can you work out where they should go?

There's more nice A level starters related to this, from Colleen Young at this website here.

An awesome Twitter feed of challenging geometry puzzles from an East of England colleague @Cshearer41.

Maths Careers website, some great enrichment articles and information about careers based on Mathematics qualifications at all levels.

An American site listing lots of careers involving maths

Website from Stuart Price, (Maths teachers, @sxpmaths). A great source of question banks for A level students. Includes references to where questions obtained and, usually, markschemes too.

Login required but another great website from a practicing maths teacher. Loads of good resources here.

A great source of harder, more problem solving style, exam question papers and questions grouped by difficulty / topic.

A new website by two female Oxford maths graduates, with the purpose of challenging the question of when will I ever use this?while encouraging girls to love and pursue careers in maths.

A Canadian website, loads of great problem solving type maths. Lots of different ability levels. GCSE looks to be around grade 7/8.

Lots of problem solving questions from Jo Morgan's Resourcaholic website (aka @mathsjem)

This is the archive of monthly problem solving questions from MEI. They're arranged by topic here too.

Lots of resources and enrichment from the AMSP.

An awesome website, will solve virtually any equation you can think of (within reason!) and show you the steps too... if you pay.

An awesome website, will solve equations and show you the steps too... for FREE!

Great video (youtube) explanations of many mathematical concepts and methods, especially for A Level.

The great Autograph maths software is now free! Download here.

Geogebra. More dynamic geometry software but free this time!

Some interesting, Maths based items for purchase. Includes a 'utilities topology mug'

NASA Space Maths problems. Loads of great activities here.