Handling Data

Crisps and Pies

Based on a KS3 question, students interpret the pie charts to decide if the statements are must be true, must be false or could be either. The first four questions are from the KS3 paper, the rest are students incorrect responses which themselves became questions.

Interpreting Charts

Re-print of an old but rich NNS task; pupils interpret the charts to answer the questions with reasons. Good for assessing quality of written communication and reasoning skills.

word Histograms Exam Questions

A selection of eight typical GCSE histogram questions. As PDF histogram exam questions.


Nice Powerpoint intro for histograms.

Pie Charts

Data for pupils to create pie charts. Another set of drawing pie chart questions including a couple of extension questions. Template for drawing pie charts (set number of sectors to 1).

Hubble Deep Field

This is a link to the Space Observatories in School website that hosts this activity. Pupils will use the Hubble Deep Field to estimate the number of galaxies in the universe. Lots of mathematics application here & a fair amount of wow factor too!

HDF ppt show
Finding the HDF
HDF Main Image
HST STScI website
HDF Answer
HDF at Amazing Space
Google search on 'number galaxies universe'


Worksheet activity based on reading train & bus timetables. Its based on travelling to my school but can be used anyway or adapted to suit your own school.

You'll also need the train timetable and website, choose 'Norwich to London') and bus timetable (website, no pdf this time, print the webpage instead).

Many many UK Statistics from Census data.