Area & Volume Formulae

Crib sheet of area & volume formula, includes parallelogram, trapezium, prism, cylinder, sphere, cone...


Cards such as 'rotational symmetry order 2', '2 pairs of parallel angles' etc. Print off the cards, cut them up and have pupils match them to the correct quadrilateral. Variations of the activity include matching as many cards to a shape as possible or matching as few to a shape to describe only that quadrilateral. A powerpoint of the quadrilaterals or download both as a zip file.


A nice shape & space activity for pupils to 'generally play around with'!


More nice shape & space activities, this time involving tangrams. Heres a Powerpoint of 2 sqaures from which pupils can draw and then cut out their own tangrams.

Area of Triangles, Parallelograms and Trapeziums

No interactivity here. Just a simple yet colourful slide of relevant formula.

Polygon Names

List of names of polygons to 10,000 sides!