Estimate the Measurements

Some ideas for items to make pupils estimate.


Powerpoint highlighting details of the 'old English' imperial measurement system including old English currency. An ideal homework topic from this would be to get pupils to compare the prices of petrol in the UK vs the USA. Not as straightforward as you might think! Includes answers after last slide. A Metric Imperial Conversion PPT. Prompts for students to recall key conversions. PDF here.

powerpoint Metric Imperial Grid

Cut up the set of measurement cards and ask pupils to use the categories template sheet to categorise the measurements as metric vs imperial and length, area, volume, other.

Metric Imperial

An list of metric and imperial measurements (with what they measure and whether metric/imperial) thought up by a rather imaginative Year 8 class. I guess further sets of imaginative minds will add to this as time goes by!

Metric Imperial Questions

Questions on comparing metric & imperial measurements

Metric Imperial Extra

Some really quite difficult metric & imperial comparisons. ms-1 vs mph etc

Max Box

What's the biggest area you can contain with x cm of string? Whats the biggest volume you can contain with an A4 sheet of paper? Not as easuy as it seems!

Our answers and Autograph file used.