3D Circles

Grab some real life cones, cylinders, spheres, prisms (sellotape, a tin can, football, tennis ball etc) and print these templates with formulae prompts, for students find the volumes.

Area & Volume Formulae

Crib sheet of area & volume formula, includes parallelogram, trapezium, prism, cylinder, sphere, cone...

Area & Volume Factor

Ppt leading through principals of Area& Volume factor.

Spatial Thinking with Planetary Nebulae

Pupils use cubes and recognise household items using the same skills as astronomers do with Hubble Space Telescope images of Planetary Nebulae. For much more detail & background to this activity here. Use the files below:

Planetary Nebulae Activity
Planetary Nebulae Images
Planetary Photos
Planetary Cubes
Planetary Cubes II
All Essentials ZIP

Extension activity: a great Java activity based on Plan, Side, Elevation is .

Plans and Elevations

Real life plans and elevations; match the house plans to the images. Not as easy as it looks! There are two sets included here, one easier and one harder. PDF here.

Impossible Shapes

Decide which of these are impossible and which can be made. A good starter activity for drawing using isometric paper or for building with multilink cubes.

Max Box

What's the biggest area you can contain with x cm of string? Whats the biggest volume you can contain with an A4 sheet of paper? Not as easy as it seems!

Our answers and Autograph file used.

Autograph File: Diagonal of a Cube

A 'dynamic' 3D visualization for helping pupils to see how to calculate the length of a diagonal of a cube given the length of its side.


An amalgamation of questions from exam papers. Pupils decide if each expression is a volume, area, length or neither. Answers included. PDF here.