Maths Games

Flash Animations (You will need to have Flash Player installed to run these.)


A nice version of the classic, 'find another quantity using these two beakers' puzzle.

Mancala Snails

The traditional strategy activity of Mancala, with snails. Great fun!


Move the dice into the positions using only the number of moves on each dice.


Like Othello but different. Try to turn all the counters white, but work out how to do it first!

Broken Calculator

Try to complete the calculations with the broken calculator - some of the numbers have run off, oh no! Many levels to complete, good luck.


Follow the pattern for as long as you can. Its 'Simon Says' with a twist.

Golf Transformations

Can you score under par by cleverly using transformations to get the ball in the hole?!

Times Table Challenge

Race against the clock to complete 10 multiplications