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How to Make a Revision Plan

Here's a suggestion for how to make a realistic and not too demanding revision plan. You might feel like you need to revise every waking hour that you can but with a little planning, you can pack in a weekly 30 hour revision schedule and still have time to rest. Pdf here.

Sixth Form Revision Planner

A template planner to encourage students to plan both revision and relaxing time in preparation for exam periods. Amend the logo, dates and exams to use for subsequent years.

Blank Pyramid Templates

Good size blank pyramids for students to use when practising algebra, negative numbers etc. Print, cut out, stick in exercise books. The aim is to make it look a lot nicer than the tiny, scrawled efforts that pupils sometimes produce! Includes different size pyramids as shown.

Outstanding Checklist

Whilst we'd be the first to acknowledge that there is of course no recipe for doing an 'Outstanding' lesson, here's a quick checklist of items that if not done would certainly hinder your chances of being outstanding.

Progress Checker

A template for comparing two sets of test data via scatter diagrams. Easily compare previous results with current to demonstrate progress. Also use the drop down boxes to restrict graph and compare progress of different classes.

Result Entry Template

A template for entering Yr7, Yr8 and KS3 style test data. Generates the level, sub-levels and fine graded levels for you. All prints out lists ordered by ability which make setting for new academic years a peice of cake. Xlsm version.

Report Writer

A template for writing reports. It will save you hours! Use our comments or add your own and then pick these by number to create the report. Aim to create a set of good reports in no more than 20mins per class.

Eye Gymnastics

Good relaxing exercise for students, they follow your pen with their eyes - not their heads - as you move it slowly around any of the paths. Perhaps students will take turns too. Afterwards get them to close their eyes whilst one of them counts to 20.

Learn Russian

Just like the astronauts, you need to learn Russian. Begin here with these activities to accompany this Powerpoint for translating cryllic Russian to English. Pdf here. Older version here, older pdf here.

BISMAS in Russian

Pupils first translate the russian words into numbers and, having done so, do the Russian BIDMAS calculations. Just simple calculations at first and then more complex ones. Answers are easier to mark if given in figures, do as russian words as an extension. You'll need all of these files Russian Numbers , Cyrillic and Numbers2. Don't worry if your Russian isn't good - answers are included!


Can you name the fish dishes? Some easy, some hard. More fish info.


Name the consumer brands from thier logos. Its surprising how little we need to see yet their branding makes them all instantly recognisable, scary!