Properties of Number

PFF to fnd HCF & LCM

Pupils use prime factor trees & prime factor form to find the highest common factor and lowest common multiple of two numbers. Answers included. PDF here.

Missing Multiplications

Pupils use knowledge of times tables to complete the missing spaces on the tables. Note that digits 2-9 are used only once along top row & LHS column.


Excel file of numberlines for general use, with several different starting values and increment options.

Number Lines

Printable sheet of various number lines for students to use, count on, cut out, stick in... whatever you choose!


This is created as an example of how an interactive whiteboard can be used interactively with pupils. Move the 'Magic Magnifying Glass of Truth' around to show only the prime numbers.

Properties of Number

Questions about squares, primes, triangular... Answers included.

Types of Number

A Word doc consisting of an info sheet plus some questions about categorizing numbers. Includes the Integers, Irrationals, Reals, Imaginarys and Complex numbers plus more! PDF here