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Graham Colman BSc Hons.

  • UK 11-18 maths teacher since September 2001
  • Completed the FMSP (AMSP) A level TFM course in 2013
  • Achieved a Diploma in Online Digital Marketing in 2015
  • Completed NPQSL in 2016
  • Achieved maths SLE status in summer 2017

  • Graham works at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, Norwich as member of leadership team since its inception in 2013
  • Currently responsible for Sir Isaac and Jane Austen Sixth Form timetabling, marketing and management of student recruitment, external and internal websites, Maths Hub Level 3 Lead, management of Sir Isaac as AMSP partner school
  • Previously responsible for whole school achievement and progress, management of maths faculty
  • Previously SSAT Senior Lead Practitioner for Mathematics
  • Previously ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office) Space Ambassador for Norfolk and STEMNET Stem Ambassador

Beyond A level mathematics, Graham has significant experience in using Space and Astronomy to teach high school maths having completed several projects with NASA, ESA, Hubble Space Telescope, SOHO and more

Significant Projects
2016 - STEM Ambassador
2014 - Involvement with Angles Maths Hub in various capacities
2015 - 2016 Seven day NPQSL Course (National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders)
2014 - 2017 ESERO Space & Tim Peake Primary Project Ambassador for Norfolk
2014 Three day INSET at Sotogrande International School, Spain
2009 - SSAT Lead Practitioner for Mathematics
2009 - 2010 NCETM Ambassador
2005 Five day INSET at NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Florida
2005 Sixth form trip to Capetown, South Africa teaching in township schools and studying at the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) in Sutherland
2004 ‘Space Telescopes in Schools’ two week visit to Hubble Space Telescope STScI Baltimore & NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre,
2003 Five day INSET at NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Florida with ISSET
Speaking Events
Nov 2017 Year 10 Mathematics Enrichment event Jane Austen College, Norwich
Annually since 2016 UEA PGCE Secondary Mathematics Whole Day Event Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, Norwich
Feb 2016 PGCE Secondary Mathematics Seminar UEA, Norwich
Nov 2015 Maths Conference 5 Sheffield
Nov 2014 ATM Mathematics PD Meeting Leicester
June 2014, June 2017 Year 9 Royal Institution Mathematics Series Norwich
Feb 2014 International Mathematics Conference Sotogrande, Spain
July 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 SSAT National Maths and Computing Conference London
Annually since 2011 Year 10 Mathematics Enrichment event UEA, Norwich
July 2011, 2012, 2013 PGCE Secondary Mathematics SKE Course UEA, Norwich
April 2010 NCETM Portal Introduction Norwich
April 2009 SSAT Lead Practitioner Seminar Centre Parcs, Norfolk
March 2009 NCETM Influential Maths Teachers Conference Cambridge

Lead Practitioner Activities 2009-2010

SSAT Mathematics & Computing Update, Spring 2010 (See pages 1 - 3!); LP Seminar Flyer, March 2010

North & South (Sixth Form Astronomy Trip to South Africa), August 2005

Eastern Daily Press / Eastern Evening News, August 2005; 'Asymptopia ' (University of Cambridge, Centre for Mathematical Sciences Newsletter), September 2005; BBC Sky At Night Magazine, September 2005; Frontiers Magazine, Winter 2006

Space Observatories in School, Summer 2004

Eastern Daily Press, 14th August 2004; Eastern Evening News, 16th August 2004; Dereham & Fakenham Times, 19th August 2004
Dereham & Fakenham Times, 16th September 2004; Frontiers Magazine, Autumn 2005; Frontiers Magazine, Winter 2005

Cosmonaut Lectures, November 2003

Eastern Daily Press, 6th November 2003

Students Win Trip to Kennedy Space Centre and Johnson Space Centre , September 2003

Eastern Daily Press, 13th September 2003; Eastern Daily Press / Eastern Evening News, September 2003
Futures Brochure (Magazine of The Exchange, Norfolk EBP) Autumn 2003; Eastern Daily Press / Eastern Evening News, November 2003; Eastern Daily Press, 4th February 2004

ISSET/NASA Kennedy Space Centre Visit, May 2003

Eastern Daily Press / Eastern Evening News, May 2003

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