Averages Live

Makes inventing Mean, Median, Mode questions easy. This Excel file helps to create sets of numbers for mean, median, mode questions. Includes 5 sheets for creating whole number solution frequency tables. Word document of averges from frequency table questions.

Averages - Finding the M,M,M & R

MS Word doc of 13 questions beginning with small basic sets of numbers and ending with sets of numbers to demonstrate why each of the averages can be a bad indicator. Can all be done without a calculator. Includes answers.

Mean, Median, Mode Range

Five questions as a MS Word doc where the pupils are given selections of mean, median, mode, range and work 'backwards' to find the missing peices of data. Includes answers.


5 simple sets, find the 5 values plus range & IQR.


Six sets of raw data, averages of the data, frequency tables and bar graphs. Pupils cut and then match the items up to create the six sets.